Affordable well point drilling

Looking for affordable well point drilling.

You are looking for affordable well point drilling. You are at the right place. Our drilling contractors provide our clients with a well point drilling package.

  • The well point drilling package consists of: Drilling of the well point.
  • Installation of pipe.
  • Installations of water pump with accessories.
  • Would provide a well point that delivers water.
  • If we can’t provide water you pay nothing.
  • Cash on completion of well point installation.

Price of well point drilling.

What is a fair price for a well point? Our well point drilling package investment is R 500.00 per meter. This is the drilling, piping, accessories, water pump. All you need to get is a tank and a pressure pump to pump the water into the tank.

Well point drilling price.

You can look to it this way. For R 500.00 per meter you get a well point that produce water. If you just get let’s say 100 lt per hour. That would be 2 400 lt per day. That is more than you can use a day. This is value for money. You pay when you see the results.


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