Well point location

Please assist us with our Well point location. We would like you to find a potential drilling spot in our garden- we live in Bloubergrant/West Beach.

Finding water underground.

Would you be able to give us a quote to find water underground? We would like to drill for water. A well point would be fine because it is only for the household. We don’t need thousands of liters an hour. If we can get only about a 1000 lt per day it would be more than enough.

Using underground water.

We want to make use of the underground water. We have notice that people mentioned that the ground water is not that deep in the Western Cape region. I believe it depends on the ground formation and the type of soil that is present. We have sand on our premises. Would you be able to assist us?

Locating groundwater.

We do well point drilling that involves ground water. Before we start with any drilling of any well point we first locate the underground water by means of drowsing. It is important to first establish where the water is located. Never assume that the water is at any given spot. That is not the case. There could be water but of no use due to the amount. We look for a strong point where there is a large volume of water. Water flow below the ground in veins and if you can find two veins that cross it is the ideal spot for a well point.


Well point advantage.

The advantage that a well point provide is that it is relative cheap to drill for a well point if it is just for household use. The normal household of five use about 500 liters of water per day over a month.