Western Cape well point

Tell me more about the Western Cape well point.

Western Cape well point water.

The Western Cape is known for its well point water. The well points are a very popular water source in the Western Cape. It is easy to get a well point. The ground formation that consists of mostly sand is the ideal environment for well point drilling. Well point water is ground water that filters through the sand into the pipe that is imbedded in the sand. The average well point depth is about 10 meters. It is also relative cheap to get a well point drilled. You can have a well point for as much as R 5 000.00

Western Cape well point water advice.

Don’t let anyone drill your well point. Some people are just in it for the money but know nothing about the layout and structure of the well point. When you get some one that would drill your well point it is important to make sure that the person can drill through the clay. They can’t go through the clay with just the pipes and the water pressure. They must have a drill that can go through the clay. If the person doesn’t have a drill, don’t make use of their services. They will drill till they get the clay and then stop and make you believe that they found water. You will pay them for a dry well point.

Information of Western Cape well point.

If you want water just for your household then a well point is just the thing you need. If you need large volumes of water then a borehole is the best option. The borehole would cost you anything from R 40 000.00 to an R 100 000.00 where a well point would cost about R 5 000.00. If you want more information feel free to contact me. We do not drill well points. We specialize in the treatment of the well point or borehole water. We know people that do well point drilling and who know well points.


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