Well Point Drilling Cape Town

Who do well point drilling in the cape town region?
We stay in the Hout bay area and don’t know if we could drill a well point.
Is there anybody who can assist us with information?
Some people say we can drill a well point and others say we must drill a borehole.
I need advice ASAP.

Well Point contractor in the Cape.

If you want to drill a well point, you are at the right place.
First we will visit the site and do some dowsing to establish if there is water.
The ground formation is also very important.
There is no need to drill for water if there are no signs of any water.
I’m doing well point drilling for years and know where we can drill and where not.
I can even inform you over the phone if the areas you stay in have water.
Some areas are suitable to drill well points and others are not suitable.
It all depends on the ground formation.



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Well Point Drilling Cape Town

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