Well Point drilling contractor in Cape Town

Looking for a Well drilling contractor in Cape Town.

Well point drilling contractor in Cape Town

If you are looking for a well point drilling contractor in Cape Town, we can help you. All you have to do is to send us an email by the use of the form on the bottom of this page. If you leave your contact number we would contact you still the same day for an appointment.

Western Cape well point drilling contractor.

We drill well points in the western cape region. We don’t make use of the conversional well point making method. We drill the well point with a small well point drill. The reason is that most of the time the water is just below the clay and when using the conversional method you would not be able to go through the clay.

Well Drilling Contractor.

Call us if you want a Well Drilling Contractor in the Western Cape region. We will assist you with your well point drilling within a week. Our team will not waste your water as it is the case with the drilling of a well point. We use about 300 liters to drill the well point due to the fact that we recycle the water that’s been used.


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