Well point drilling contractors

What to look for in a well point drilling contractor.

The well point drilling contractor must be a member of the WPDA. That would give the client the peace of mind that the well point drilling contractor would work and perform that drilling as set by the WPDA standards. The well point drilling contractor must use a proper rig and not the jet system.

What is a well point rig?

A rig is a drilling system that drills into the ground that uses water while drilling. The rig can be powered with electrical or hydraulic power source. The rig is a very versatile drill due to the fact that it can drill through clay and other hard ground formations. This is an important aspect that must be considered.

What is a well point jetting?

A jetting is where the contractor use steel or plastic pipes that force water down the pipe into the sand causing the pipe to move downward and create a hole for the well point suction pipe. The water forces the sand to the surface under pressure. The jetting can only be used where there is only sand. The moment there is clay present in the sand the jetting cannot continue. The jetting practice is very limited and a waste of money. The contractor will bring you under the impression that it would cost too much to jet deeper. The fact is that they can’t. That is where the rig is of great value. The rig will drill through that clay with ease. Must of the time the water is just below the clay layer.

Water usage when drilling a well point.

How much water does the contractor use to drill a well point?

Not more than 600 litres is needed to drill a well point. The contractor must at all times stay under the 600 litre usage. If this is not properly managed it can escalate to thousands of litres wasted. There is no need to use more than 600 litres to complete the drilling process.

Well point drilling contractors

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