Cost of drilling a well point

 What is the cost of drilling a well point?

The cost of drilling a well point in the Western Cape.

The drilling of a well point still is the best and cheapest way to get water. The average rate is around an R 100.00 per meter. Some ask less than that. There is a reason for that. If the person gets clay they can’t go any deeper and want their money. They would inform you that you have water or will not get water. The truth is that they can’t go through the clay. This person is the one that you must stay away from. They will take your money and they know that they can’t go through the clay.

Well point drilling cost.

The well point drilling cost differs from contractor to contractor. The difference between them is the once that is fly by nights and those that have a passion for their work. Those that have a passion for their work, is the once that can go through the clay. They are the once that will go one until they find water for their client.

Well point drilling warnings.

There is well point drilling warnings that we want to bring under our clients attention. The first is the deposit. We have found clients that have paid money up front to the contractor. When the day arrives that the contractor must drill the well point then there is no sight of the person. You would not get hold of them. You have just waste your money. Pay the person after they have drilled the well point even if they have not found water. But if they stop because of the clay then you must insist that they drill through the clay. If they say they can’t then you can’t pay them. That is it!

Cost of drilling a well point

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