Drilling the well point

The next step is, drilling the well point.
It doesn’t matter where the well point must be drilled.
My drilling rig is moveable and can get into small areas.
It can go through an opening as big as a door.
It is light and easy to move.

Cost of drilling a well point.

The cost of drilling the well point all depends on the ground formation.
We talk to our clients and give them the best option.
I want to give the best advice and service to my clients.
That is why I’m hands on with every aspect of the process.
A happy, satisfied client is what I want.
This way we get more referrals from our existing clients.
Take us to the test.


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Drilling the well point

I'm, Your well point drilling contractor!
I do the drilling and installations  myself.
I'm hands on.
Don't delay with the drilling of Your well point.
Contact me now!
Cell: 081 234 1961
Email: ozaer007@gmail.com
Whatsapp: 081 234 1961

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