Use of water during drilling

In the industry, water is been used to drill the well point.
Some contractors use just a pipe with water that’s been forced downwards to create the hole.
Some contractors use large volumes of water during the drilling process.
They can easily use up to 15 000 lt per hole.
What if they don’t get water and used all that water?
I don’t use that amount of water during the drilling process.
I use less than a 1000 lt because I recycle the water that I use.
It is very seldom that I don’t get water because I know the areas that have water and are suitable for well points.

Water wastage during well point drilling.

This is a very sensitive issue.
Water must be used in the most conservative way as possible.
If you waste a client’s water, you have a big problem.
Some contractors extract water from the swimming pool.
I don’t work with the swimming pool water.
I recycle the water that we use and we use about 400 liters of water.
This way we ensure that the area is still clean after the well point was drilled.


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Use of water during drilling

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